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Learn how in the space of 14 days I increased the subscriber base of a tourism operation by 3125%, enabling them to secure direct bookings, reduce their dependence on OTAs, and increase their potential revenue over the next financial year by $2,040,000!
Are you FRUSTRATED about paying a high amount of commission to OTAs just to keep your occupancy rate high? 

Are you looking for a way to stand-out-from-the-crowd and differentiate from the competition?

Would you like to be able to generate direct bookings more effectively? 

Are you seeking to increase your touch-points and influence with your customers (outside of the unrelenting control of OTAs?)

Have you tried direct marketing using Facebook and Instagram advertising, but gave-up because you weren't getting the results you were looking for?

What to expect in your Strategy Call

- A review of your website. Is your site optimised for conversion?

- Are you leveraging the influence of storytelling in your branding? How the brain biologically responds to story and why its useful to cut through the noise.

- Would a Unique Brand Story be suited to your operation? Discuss the pros and cons.

- Review of your current Facebook and Instagram advertising approach. Is this suited to expansion (or have you capitalised as much as you can on these platforms already?).

- Sales Funnels. Do you have Sales Funnels in place and if so, how effectively are they performing? Have you optimised your funnels? If not then you’re missing the most critical component of making your ads work for you...

Check out the results we've been able to get clients below using our storytelling methodology combined with savvy sales funnels on Facebook and Instagram, and if you like what you see, lock-in your FREE strategy session today to discuss your operation's needs! 

From $21 per conversion to $8.74 per conversion in one week!  

This franchise was previously investing in Facebook ads with another provider, and though they were receiving conversions, they were at a higher cost and lower quantity. Within the space of eight days, we were able to apply our Unique Brand Story methodology and specific Facebook Ads targeting technique to speak to their target market, and turn their results around. Within 12 months, we were able to grow this franchise's base revenue by 140%. 

3215% increase in subscribers to a tourism driving route!

This Tourism Driving Route operation needed help increasing their brand awareness. They're in a tough market surrounded by similarly placed products, and so we really turned-it-on with our Unique Brand Story methodology to highlight their point of difference in a saturated marketplace. Over the span of 14 days, we specifically targeted families with school-aged children, and in the process helped increase their Brand Awareness by 13.59%. Further, with an eye on nurturing relationships, encouraging return and patronage, and decreasing churn rate, in the same timeframe, we increased subscribers to their CRM database by over 3000%. We're not going to beat-around-the-bush; we were as chuffed by these results as they were!

Generated over $5,106,844 in sales from $23,700 in ad spend! 

This operation, based in Queensland Australia, has benefited from our methodology around Unique Brand Stories, combined with specialised targeting on Facebook, helping their dollars stretch further, and resulting in over five million dollars in revenue from a $24K ad spend!

About Cockatoo House
We Help Tourism and Recreational Businesses Increase their Revenue using Unique Brand Stories combined with Savvy Facebook + Instagram Ads
You've heard of businesses getting incredible results through Facebook and Instagram ads, yet, you don't quite trust the process yourself. Some of that may be related to having next to NO CONFIDENCE (whether in yourself, or with your internal team) in how to sell your product, and scale results. 
If you've ever tried Facebook ads yourself, you'll appreciate why so many businesses get frustrated; Facebook ads are so much more complicated then what they appear to be, and creating them incorrectly ends up costing thousands in unnecessary expenditure. Lost dollars and no-results is not the way to get the sleep you need at night (& is certainly not the kind of P&L we want to review at any accounts meeting)! 

That's where myself, and my very cool team of Cockatoos fly to your rescue. You focus on your zone of brilliance, we'll focus on ours. 

Using what I have dubbed "Unique Brand Story" skills, we build you a story to differentiate you from the crowd, whip together your ad creative, crystallise your targeting, and release your sales funnel to get those direct bookings coming in.

We also make a point of testing and optimising the whole shebang until we get the results you're after!

Why does our system work? Well, there are a few feathers to our bow. Shake your-tail-feather copywriting, a birds-eye view on conversions, and a team that 'gets' how advertising on Facebook and Instagram works.
About Us
Cockatoo House is an advertising agency that specialises in leveraging the power of storytelling in business, with full funnel builds on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. 

Tamara Hogan is the founder of Cockatoo House and has developed a reputation for being a woman of her word who, together with her team of very cool Cockatoos, gets the results her clients are looking for.
"Tamara has done a mountain of work for us in the digital marketing space, especially in the area of Facebook ads, video and written content and Messenger advertising.

She has helped our franchises achieve extraordinary sales figures and has grown our base revenue by over 140% in the past 12 months alone.

Not only is she great at her craft but she is a pleasure to deal with and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. Thanks for everything to date Tamara."

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